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less whining, more photos. [November 25th, 2007
@ 8:59pm]
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I used to be pretty prolific. [November 19th, 2007
@ 12:49pm]
Which meant I improved much more quickly. Then I got caught and reprimanded so many times for drawing at night, it was the only time I had to make the art I wanted to the last two years of highschool. I wanted to learn to illustrate, to draw anything, everything, to make any image I wanted to and make it effective. I've lost so much drive, and so much motivation. I've hardly improved in two and a half years of college, and I hardly use my free free time the way I'd like to. I spent a lot of last night looking through the very first acrylic attempts and lowbrow drawings and doodles and things I did in highschool.

At least I was trying, right?
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I miss Edisto. [November 6th, 2007
@ 12:44am]
[ mood | sad ]

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The covers mix. [October 17th, 2007
@ 8:25pm]
I've been working on that covers playlist for a little over a month, but I'm finally back on it and putting some energy into it. It's a short list. I want to make it about three times as long and then narrow it to twenty... maybe that's what I'll do with my weekend. Asterisks by the ones that could be keepers.

Stars // This Charming Man (Smiths)*
Peter, Bjorn & John // Me & Julio Down By The Schoolyard (Paul Simon)
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone // Graceland (Paul Simon)
Los Campesinos! // Frontwards (Pavement)*
Mates of State // Starman (David Bowie)
Portastatic // Echoes Myron (Guided By Voices)
Hot Chip // Sexual Healing (Marvin Gaye)*
Rogue Wave // The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite (REM)
Rogue Wave // All You Need Is Love (Beatles)
Jens Lekman // You Can Call Me All (Paul Simon)*
The Lucksmiths // There Is a Light That Never Goes Out (Smiths)
Afghan Whigs // Creep (TLC)
Shout Out Louds // Man On The Moon (REM)
You Say Party! We Say Die! // Nightswimming (REM)
The Klaxons // No Diggity (Blackstreet)
The Klaxons // My Love (Justin Timberlake)
Division Day // Enjoy the Silence (Depeche Mode)
Division Day // Every Shining Time You Arrive (Sunny Day Real Estate)*

List of tracks I'm not even going to download, but I'm good just knowing that they exist:
10,000 Maniacs // Love Will Tear Us Apart
Cake // War Pigs
John Mayer // Kid A
Death Cab for Cutie // Freefallin'
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Jena [September 19th, 2007
@ 6:57pm]
Looks like I'm going to the protest in Jena, Louisiana. We're leaving at 11 pm tonight and it's going to be intense.

Huzzah, social justice!
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[August 28th, 2007
@ 11:29pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I saw a coyote on Candler Road two nights ago, right by my college, which is in the greater metropolitan area of Atlanta. I was turning around on a side street and I saw it in my headlights. It kind of jumped back and forth for about ten seconds, then jumped into the woods of my campus.

I was so happy.

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[August 15th, 2007
@ 11:40am]
I really, really want another Catahoula. I just love the ugly buggers. A full-grown, glass-eyed red merle, like this:

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Shep is almost seven! It's really hard for me to believe. Such an old man. I've spent the last half hour looking up Catahoula Leopard rescue sites. Ughhh. Seriously. WHO LET THEM GET THAT CUTE.
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I'm okay, I think. [August 3rd, 2007
@ 2:08pm]
[ mood | upbeat ]

take one day at a time
anything more really hurts your mind
only one thing at a time
everything else you can leave behind
i don't want for us to
take pills
not that it's bad
i don't want for us to take pills
because we're stronger
and we don't need them

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the "Jena 6" article [July 28th, 2007
@ 10:36pm]
If you care one tiny bit about social justice, read this.

Please share it.
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not a feminazi, I swear. [July 6th, 2007
@ 1:28pm]

Anyone up for a counter-protest in Birmingham during the next two weeks?

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[July 5th, 2007
@ 2:08pm]
Virginia Tech got Cho'ned due to... feminism?

lolz @ conservatism.
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Current bane of my existance. [July 3rd, 2007
@ 2:48pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Georgia House Resolution 536
By: Representatives Scott of the 2nd, Byrd of the 20th, Everson of the 106th, Davis of the 122nd, Crawford of the 16th, and others
Proposing an amendment to the Constitution so as to provide that the paramount right to life is vested in each human being from the moment of fertilization without regard to age, race, sex, health, function, or condition of dependency; to provide for submission of this amendment for ratification or rejection; and for other purposes. 

What does it mean?
Abortion, as well as any form of birth control (morning-after pill, IUD, etc.) that keeps a fertilized egg (a "person" by this proposed bill) from implanting in the uterus will be banned. The fertilized egg, as a person, has a right to implant in the uterus. The state of Georgia is the first state to propose such a bill, and if it passes here other states in the Bible Belt are sure to propose similar bills.

More information:
Georgia NARAL:

State of Georgia General Assembly (full text of bill):

NARAL BillTracker:
(updates on this bill as well as the latest that have passed in Georgia, including the bill [HR 147] that requires mandatory ultrasound even when not medically necessary and bill HR 526 that restricts young people's access to contraception by requiring parental notice.)

I'm going to be running around in the Atlanta area with a petition, so come find me. I also have petition sheets I can email you and have you mail back to the Feminist Women's Health Center - you definitely do not have to be  resident of Georgia to sign or get signatures for the petition.

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[June 29th, 2007
@ 1:57am]
I want a significant other that doesn't lie.
Or smoke cigarettes.

Too much to ask.
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[June 22nd, 2007
@ 9:53am]
I have a borderline fashion mullet.
Alex is coming to Atlanta July 21st (one month).
Pride is this weekend. I am tabling for six hours for the Feminist Women's Health Center with a cape and chestplate that say "Captain Plan B".
I have an office and a fancy email.
I had a very long and boring board meeting last night.

I feel like I'm playing grownup sometimes!
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[May 2nd, 2007
@ 1:47pm]
Hey Agnes Scott ladies:
I love you.
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[April 19th, 2007
@ 3:28pm]
The UtiliKilt website has made me even more concerned about the cargo-kilt people.
"When your balls are free, you will find inner peace."

I am tired. I am not celebrating anything tomorrow. I am going to be with the platonic love of my life finding, making costumes from the video for Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse. To wear to his frat formal. The theme is far out, and what's more (loveably) far out than Kevin Barnes? He played some shows naked recently, I'm sure the ones that care already knew that.
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ain't got no speakers, ain't got no headphones [April 11th, 2007
@ 7:54pm]
Most of the email we get from Agnes Scott is bullshit.

Every now and then, however, we'll get a little nugget of genius.

Campus Community,
Some on campus are experiencing problems accessing their courses in
Blackboard. We are working on the peculiarity and expect the gremlins to be
extracted and relocated forthwith.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. If you have any questions, please call.
Calvin Burgamy
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Shoot me now. [March 27th, 2007
@ 3:21pm]
I live in Atlanta now, so I missed this.
He's a regular commentator.
Thank you Emily Frantz

by The Southern Avenger.
4 February 2007

When Clemson University students threw what they described as a "gangsta" party, the reaction both on campus and nationwide turned their little get-together into much more than an innocent "G Thang." Photos of partygoers dressed in baggy clothes, wearing "grills" on their teeth drinking 40 ounce malt liquors and other black stereotypes - including one student in blackface - were posted on the popular social networking website Facebook.com. As one might predict, outrage immediately ensued with everyone from students and school officials to the NAACP demanding apologies, holding demonstrations and scheduling conciliatory meetings. Also quite predictably, party planners immediately issued an apology and said they were "willing to do anything to make things right." But despite all the melodrama, all the Southern Avenger wants to know is when these students might be throwing another party.

Since the dawn of higher education, it has almost been a rite of passage for college kids to "act a fool." Experiencing a sense of independence for the first time in their young lives, it is quite understandable that college guys and girls would go wild and the average keg party naturally has much more to do recklessness and sin than sensitivity to stereotypes. These students threw a "gangsta" party simply because they thought black stereotypes were funny and indeed they are. What isn't humorous about a culture that idolizes materialism, social status and financial success to such a perverse extreme that even Elvis would blush? And critics who call these stereotypes "racist" or "unfair" simply haven't been paying attention.

Despite conventional wisdom, stereotyping in and of itself is not necessarily disrespectful. Saying that women are perpetually late or overly emotional does not make one a misogynist. Saying that men are forgetful or pigheaded doesn't make one an angry feminist. Saying that homosexuals are wimpy doesn't make one a homophobe. And saying that the English are stuffy, the French are rude or that Americans are pushy is certainly no reason to schedule "sensitivity training" sessions at the United Nations.

No, the real issue at hand is race, as it often is when grown ups themselves "act a fool" over next to nothing. Critics of the Clemson "gangsta" party are right to be concerned about basic respect. But too often respect is a one way street, where whites can get into all sorts of trouble for doing absolutely nothing, while black criticism and even hatred of white cultural differences are considered legitimate points. Were the students at this party being malicious or hateful toward blacks? Reasonable people without a perpetual racial chip on their shoulder should conclude that they weren't, with the exception of the student in blackface, who wasn't invoking a cultural stereotype but skin color itself. But there's always one moron who has to outdo his buddies by going to extremes, and the blackface guy certainly isn't the first frat boy to pull a silly stunt, however offensive.

Another point of contention is that the students held the party on the night before the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. But if we are to be honest, the MLK holiday to millions of Americans means "Monday off." That these students would celebrate a day off from school and another night to party by incorporating King himself into the festivities is no different than wearing sombreros on Cinco De Mayo. In a sane world, that white kids would have fun with hip-hop imagery on a black American holiday should concern black leaders more with own community, not college kids making innocent fun of the negative aspects of it. However politically incorrect it might be to admit it, that whites might not have the same reverence for Dr. King is also normal, and if it is wrong to notice King's color before his character, then I look forward to black Americans celebrating the sterling character of Robert E. Lee, Ronald Reagan and Dale Earnhardt on each icon's respective birthday.

In a state like South Carolina, where the 30% of the population is black, being respectful toward one's neighbors is not only proper, but also practical and the best way to achieve a lasting peace. But respecting cultural differences doesn't mean we must ignore them either, and laughing at each other sometimes is often the best way to ease friction. We don't have to be the same or even have the exact same heroes, opinions or subculture to coexist in the larger culture of these United States. We do ourselves no favors by judging every move we make through the filter of white guilt and black rage. Sure, we could ruin these students' reputations by branding them as "racist" over nothing, and each could grovel before their critics to the point of absurdity, an art comedian Michael Richards seems to have perfected so well. Or we could grow up, quit behaving like children and quit making a big deal out of carefree college kids - who are the only ones who seem to be acting their age.
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:/ [March 21st, 2007
@ 2:30pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

I'm pretty sure the curator at the college gallery doesn't like my piece. Maybe she's just all business. Maybe. I don't know. I've just gotten such positive responses from my class and my professor that I wasn't prepared for her to really dislike it.

I used to be able to take rejection so well.
And my drawings have been atrocious as of late.

I guess I've stuck with art because I'm mediocre at it, while I'm terrible with everything else. So fucking incompetent at everything. And having a broken foot doesn't help. I'm missing out on so much and I feel really in the way.

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dammit. [March 18th, 2007
@ 3:04pm]

Two weeks on crutches and six with a boot.
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